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Bodlya ki Dhani, Jaipur | Pin Code, Network, Hospitals.









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Village NameBodlya ki Dhani
Pin Code303328
Recognized AsVillage
Water SupplyAlternate Days
Public Toilets0

Is Internet/Network Connection available in Bodlya ki Dhani?

Yes, in this village there is 4G Network available, as there is no issue for people related to the network of this village as there is a good Internet/network connection available in this village. But the Jio Sim has only the best network, the rest all the sim cards have no network or might be slow network.

How is the condition of the drinking water supply in Bodlya ki Dhani?

In this village, there is no 24/7 water supply available. The water comes on Alternate days so Gaavshahar thinks there should be at least a daily water supply this facility can be very helpful for this village but the quality of water is quite good.

How is the electricity supply in Bodlya ki Dhani?

The electricity supply is good in this village as there is no problem with the electricity supply of this village to the people living in this village, but GaavShahar has found some common issue that sometimes there is a power cut for 1 Minute in the night. The electricity provider of this village should fix this problem as soon as possible.

How is the transportation system in Bodlya ki Dhani?

The transportation system is very good in this village as there are some small bus stops that are present within 2-3Km in this village and also the big or we can call it the main bus stop is present within a distance of 5Km. the cleanliness is not that good in the transportation so they should keep their busses clean as well as the trains. The railway station is present within 50Km and that’s not so far.

How is the medical facility in Bodlya ki Dhani?

The Government Hospitals of this village are present within 15 Km of the distance and the Private hospital is also present in the nearby area, there is no issue related to the medical facility in this village. But some hospitals are not very much developed as they are the hospitals they need to be developed and hospitals are clean but not very much they can be cleaner.

How is road condition in Bodlya ki Dhani?

The road condition is not at all good not only in the rainy season but in all seasons the conduction of road is very bad and this is a very weak point in the development of the village’s point of view. The road needs to be good as they are the major source of traveling and due to the bad conduction, accidents might be happening so this village needs to pay some attention to this point.

How clean is Bodlya ki Dhani?

This village is clean and regular cleanliness is done on the regular basis of this village, there is no issue related to the cleanliness of this village, People living in this village also keeps the village very clean and that’s the great thing.

How are the environmental conditions in Bodlya ki Dhani?

As this is the village the population of the trees is in the good amount and there is less pollution in this village because the factories and industries and far away from the village. So the environmental condition is very good in this village.

How are Sanitation Facilities in Bodlya ki Dhani?

In this village, there are probably no public toilets, and those who have not built yet they can get funds from the government to construct toilets and these funds are arranged by the local government of your area.

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