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Khed Ratnagiri – Detail information of khed and Reviews.









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Village :Khed
Taluka :Khed
District :Ratnagiri
State :Maharashtra
Country :India
Total Population :Approximately 16,900
Famous Food :Vade-Mutton
Nick Name :Khedkar
Language Spoken :Marathi
Pin Code :415709
Male – Female Ratio :0.96
Literacy Rate :97%

Map of Khed, Ratnagiri:

360° (Degree) View of Khed, Ratnagiri:

Geography of Khed Ratnagiri :

This village is located at 17.72°N and 73.38°E. The town care as average 25 meters that is 82 feet evolution.
The famous river Jagbudi is present in this town well this town is also very popular for Alphonso Mangoes.

Culture of Khed Ratnagiri :

This town is very famous for many festivals such as Dipawali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shimga is also known as Holi, and many more.
There are some social groups like now Nirman Kala Sanstha to organize many festivals and games.

There are some festivals organize once in the year such as the JCI festival known as Mela and Raj Yuva Mahotsav.
Some festival live Shimga is known as Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi are very popular and favorite festivals of people living in this village.

Famous food of Khed Ratnagiri :

Vade mutton is a very popular and most love dish in this village not only in this village but in Ratnagiri also. There are some more dislike Ghavane which is made of rice flour, and Monga is also known as popati these are some of the most popular and favorite dishes of people living in this village.

Places to visit in Khed Ratnagiri :

The famous temple Bhagwan Parshuram Temple is located in the this village many people visit this Temple in a year. The temple is present on the mountain and the temple is located in the middle of Khed and Chiplun.

In ththis village there are some picnic spots like Raghuvir Ghat also there is one of the most famous forts called Rasalgad and the route passes through this village there is a famous Jalal Shah Baba Dargah which is located on NH 66 in the village Veral and this village it next to Khed village and there is also some beautiful village near to this village that are Sukuvali, Kudoushi, Tale, Mandave, Kosamwadi, Bharade, Kulwandi, Tisangi, Ambawali and many more.

The population of Khed Ratnagiri :

The population of this village is approximately 16,900. where the female population is 51% and the male population is 49%.
The literacy rate of this is 97% in detail the literacy rate of the female is 96% and of the male is 98%.

Industry in Khed Ratnagiri :

There are many factories present in this village, but they are not exactly in this village and those factory produces chemical and Pharmaceuticals.

The transportation system of Khed Ratnagiri :

This village is present on the national highway NH 66 which is Mumbai Goa Highway so this village comes in contact with many other villages and some of them are Mangalore, Panaji, Madgaon.

The Bharna Naka is a part of NH 66 and it connects NH 66 with SH 106. There is a railway station in this village the Konkan Railway the bus stop of Maharashtra State Road Transportation Corporation known as MSRTC is also present in the main village.

Is Internet/Network Connection available in this Village?

Yes, In this village there is no problem with internet connection speed but some areas like Samartha Nagar and all are facing some issues related to internet problems Idea network speed is too low, Airtel Networks are not working and Jio is a little bit better. The maximum speed is 500kbps for Jio.

How is the condition of drinking water supply in this Village?

As this is a village so there is no problem related to water because in this village there is a river and each and every house has a boring or a bore well. In this village, there is a 24/7 water supply available.

How is the electricity supply in this village?

In this village, there is a big problem with electricity, normally villages have a power cut once a day in a week but in this village, there is no power cut there is no schedule for the power cut. It’s not like there is no light continuously 3 to 4 days but the light goes on in between.
And this is due to the power supply wires are not underground they are from one pole to another pole. In this village, there is heavy rain in the rainy season and at that time there are more chances of the storm and when the storm comes many trees fall and due to this the tree directly falls on the pole or the power supply wires so in this case, it gets two to three days to fix this problem.

How is the bus transportation system in this village?

In this village there is one main bus stop of Maharashtra State Road Transportation Corporation and also each small village has a bus stop within 1 kilometer. There is no problem related to the Transportation system everything is a good bus too comes on time.

How is the train transportation system in this village?

Khed Railway Station

Also, there is good train transportation in this village the railway station is approximately 10 kilometres away from this village also there is no issue related to the railway station for the train Transportation system, trains too come on time and Railway stations are very clean.

How is the cleanliness in government transport facilities?

Well, buses and trains are not that clean but they should focus on cleaning the Main Bus Station is also not that good I am not talking about the area but the cleanliness is not the good area is quite big approximately 30 buses can get fit in the main bus stop.
Regular cleaning is done but the people living in this area don’t throw garbage in the garbage box they just throw on the road and that’s why the bus stops are not cleaned if I talk about railway stations they have cleaned the tracks too and the platform too.

How is the medical facility in this village?

Small clinics are present in this village in but the government hospitals are not nearby the government hospital is present at approximately 15 kilometers and many a time the ambulance is late they don’t come on time and this is the big issue for the people who live in this village and I guess this village should understand this problem and they should sort out this thing as soon as possible.

How is cleanliness in nearby hospitals? 

Private hospitals and small clinics in the Khed are clean but the government, hospitals are not that clean. The infrastructure of the government hospital is quite good but cleanliness is something where the hospitals are lagging.
Regular cleanliness is done in a hospital but people and patients they should also understand and they should start throwing garbage in garbage box, not in the open area. In this case, we cannot blame the people who do regular cleaning of hospitals but people like us who just visiting or they are patient in that hospital should understand this.

How is the road condition in this village?

Roads are not good at any season and the government should fix this problem we are not speaking of all road but 20% of roads are good and rest 80% are not good in condition then need to be constructed very well. In the previous year, there are many accidents caused due to the condition of the road.

How clean is this village?

As this is a village people keep it clean but some areas like the bus stations, hospitals, and some areas in the village are not that clean but if you visit the small villages in the Khed like Samartha Nagar, Shivtar that are very well clean.

How are the environmental conditions in this village?

There is no pollution in this village because the factory and industrial area are far away from khed so this village is less polluted or or I would like to say no polluted, weather is also clean and that are the pure signals of how clean environment of this villages is.

How are the Sanitation Facilities in this Village?

There are no public toilets in small villages in this village but each and every house has its own and if you visit the main city there you will find Public toilets. Because each and every house has its own this thing doesn’t matter in the small village area.

How many schools and colleges are present in the village?

In this village there are 5 plus schools and colleges there is 1 medical college in the village.

How is the quality of education in schools and in colleges?

In this village schools and colleges provide quality education. Games period once in a week various extracurricular activities are done, teachers are good in teaching concepts, toilets are well maintained and clean.

The government health center in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Nagar Parishad dispensaries Khed
  2. Suseri , At.Suseri.
  3. Bhoste , At.Bhoste.

The bus stops in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Khed bus stop (main bus stop).
  2. Bharana Naka bus stop ( small bus stop present on highway NH 66).

ATMs in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. HDFC.
  2. Canara Bank.
  3. SBI.
  4. Bank of Maharashtra.
  5. Bank of India.

Temples in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Kalkai Mandir.
  2. Hanuman Mandir.
  3. Ganpati Mandir.
  4. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.
  5. Mahakali Mandir.

The mosque in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Jama Masjid.
  2. Patel Kawchali Mohalla Masjid.
  3. Tambe Mahadik Mohalla Masjid.
  4. Safa Masjid.

Restaurants in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Mom’s kitchen
  2. Nadgavkar hotel.
  3. paithe hotel

Cinema theatres in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. City Pride.
  2. Anand Talkies.

Hospitals in Khed Ratnagiri :

  1. Khed municipality Hospital.
  2. Kalambani government Hospital.
  3. Madhu Siddhi Hospital.

Petrol pumps in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • Reliance petrol pump.
  • Bharna Naka petrol pump.
  • G.B Mehta and sons petrol pump.

Colleges in Khed Ratnagiri.

  • Yogita Dental College.
  • Sanjivani college.
  • LP College.
  • Amrita college.

Schools in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • LTT (lions Tiny Tots) English medium School.
  • Rotary School.
  • Z.P Urdu School.

Super markets in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • Apla Bajar.
  • Pawar Bajar.
  • Hirabai butala supermarket.

Garden/parks in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • Nana-Nani Park.
  • K.G.N park.

The police station in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • Khed police station.
  • Bharna Naka Police Chowki.

Government offices in Khed Ratnagiri :

  • Panchayat Samiti Khed.
  • Meenatai Thakre sanskrutik Bhavan.
  • Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan.


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